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I can often find a better deal with alternative shipping companies than what is currently available online. I can also modify the way I package items that are sent internationally to make them lighter and less expensive to ship.

I want everyone around the world to have a chance to buy our products. I also want everyone to have a good experience when it come to shopping and shipping gifts around the world.

Let me know what you want to buy and where you want it shipped and I will find you the best price. Thanks for your patience and understanding, Lelie

House Blessing Basics

House Blessing Basics

 A house blessing always starts with a Distance session. I do the distance session because issues have come up in the past when I was not aware of Spirits in the house or dark energies on the property and walked into them unprepared. A house can always be cleared. I then teach the homeowner how to maintain the energy after its been cleared. 

      In the distance session we use the proper protocol to call in my Guides,Spirit Helpers  and the Spirits of the land at the property. I have created a list of questions to ask over the years to see what is going on at  the property and what needs to be cleared. Most of the time the energies and entities can be cleared in the distance session, sometimes I need to locate a vortex or get more clarity on a situation at the property and complete the clearing in person. 

      I can clear a house or property anywhere in the world because energy follows intention. There are many reasons why energies, entities and earth bound spirits are in a home. Some are brought in and some “ move in “ when a house is vacant. It is also common to have a residual energy or energetic imprint left over from an incident that occurred in the past on the land the house was built on.

      Entities can be ghosts, lower astral energies or sometimes thoughts that are attached to people or things like furniture or household products. People that have died can be attached to a familiar piece of furniture, jewelry, books etc. It is important to smudge anything that comes into your home, especially if it’s from a thrift store or estate sale. It is always good to smudge everything you bring into the house. 

      Earth Bound Spirits are Ghosts or Spirits that did not go into the light or to Heaven. There are many reasons why a Spirit did not go into the light and part of my work is to help those earth bound spirits to go home. 

     A vortex is created where there has been Ceremony. It could be a place where there was a Church or Sweat Lodge.A vortex can also be opened in a healing room or when a Ouija Board is used. The vortex remains open until it is sealed. An open vortex is like an open door to all dimensions and if it is not protected anything can come through.