Earth Star Jewelry

I have created a new line of jewelry for Earth Star..

They are hand made, each piece is unique.

They are infused with Love, Healing energy and Activated Symbols. All Pendants have Universal Law of Free Will activated in the bezel and I activate other symbols as the artwork progresses.

All Jewelry is my original art with charms and beads added to the resin.

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Pendants are below, earrings are on page 7.


Pink Heart Pendant. Embossed heart image with ink. UV Resin sealed bezel with Sterling Silver Heart. Bronze Bezel and 24 inch Black steel chain. $33

“Double Heart”Pendant with Silver Chain $33
” Bee is Love ” Black and White print with Brass Bee Charm on Silver Chain. $22
“Lunar Landscape” Mica Spray background with resist spray in 38 mm Copper Bezel with copper chain. $11
Geli Print in 25 mm ( 1 inch ) Bezel with Silver Star. Pendant is on an Antique Brass over Steel chain. $11
Angel Blessing Pendant. 38 mm (1.5 inch) Silver Plate Bezel with Silver over steel chain 24 inches. $33 ( Out of Stock)