Book Sale

Books will be on sale starting March 16th.

Most books will be $5 or less. (Does not include consignment books or PDFs)

If you like to read a real book this sale is for you !!!! FOCO locals can place an order for pickup. International orders please email me at and I can look into shipping options.

To buy books go to:

To see ALL of the books go to the above link, click on ” Book” and choose ” default sorting” ” A-Z” and you will be able to see all the books listed.

Its time to make room for my Jewelry and Art Supplies. !!!!

Earth Star is shifting gears a bit as I go back into Jewelry Making and Art.

I started making jewelry in the late 80’s. I had consignments all over the country and made a living making jewelry when I lived in the woods.

I put down my beads when I had Mato, and went into the Healing Arts.

I started creating art journals and collage art about five years ago and realized how much I enjoyed it. I am now incorporating art in my jewelry, and realized that I could infuse my art and jewelry with healing energy and positive intention.

You can see more of my jewelry at:

Every Pendant has the Universal Law of Free Will activated in the bezel. I activate other symbols as guided and set intention for healing and joy and fill them with LOVE. After I make them, I put them in the Healing Room and ask my Spirit Helpers and Star Family of Light to assist in infusing the pendants with the appropriate frequency.

I love to see how they evolve and can feel the energy increasing as they are created.

Shelf space is limited at Earth Star so its time to release the books to their new homes. To buy books go to:

To see ALL of the books go to the above link, click on ” Book” and choose ” default sorting” ” A-Z” and you will be able to see all the books listed.

Books To Support Your Spiritual Journey

I created a Blog post with PDF books I read and highly recommend. Some books can be read on the site in PDF format,others just have links because the file was too large to upload to Word Press. The PDFs are books I do not have in stock or that are out of print.

Here is a link to my blog post:

Earth Star books will be on sale this month. Many are already marked down on the web site. Sale books are final sale and they will be available to ship or for porch pickup.

I am shifting back to making jewelry and creating Art. I will still have a store online, but it is time to make room for the jewelry and art supplies. Shelf space would be great !!!

If you love to read books, real books, check the website and order some books. Sale starts 16th March.

Earth Star Jewelry

I have created a new line of jewelry for Earth Star..

They are hand made, each piece is unique.

They are infused with Love, Healing energy and Activated Symbols. All Pendants have Universal Law of Free Will activated in the bezel and I activate other symbols as the artwork progresses.

All Jewelry is my original art with charms and beads added to the resin.

To Purchase go to

Pendants are below, earrings are on page 7.


“Double Heart”Pendant with Silver Chain $33
” Bee is Love ” Black and White print with Brass Bee Charm on Silver Chain. $33
“Lunar Landscape” Mica Spray background with resist spray in 38 mm Copper Bezel with copper chain. $22
Geli Print in 25 mm ( 1 inch ) Bezel with Silver Star. Pendant is on an Antique Brass over Steel chain. $22
Angel Blessing Pendant. 38 mm (1.5 inch) Silver Plate Bezel with Silver over steel chain 24 inches. $33 ( Out of Stock)

Shipping Internationally

If you go to the ” Store ” page you will see that shipping is only set for shopping in the US.

If you want to place an order and have it shipped internationally please text me at 970-599-2540 or email me at

I can often find a better deal with alternative shipping companies than what is currently available online. I can also modify the way I package items that are sent internationally to make them lighter and less expensive to ship.

I want everyone around the world to have a chance to buy our products. I also want everyone to have a good experience when it come to shopping and shipping gifts around the world.

Let me know what you want to buy and where you want it shipped and I will find you the best price. Thanks for your patience and understanding, Lelie