House Blessing Basics

House Blessing/Clearing Basics:
You house is clear, entities, earth bound spirits and negativity has been removed, vortexes have been sealed and now it’s time to maintain the energy. 

I have created a protocol for clearing that includes prayer, intention, sage and palo santo. It is best to start with a simple process and get used to the energy. Soon you will be able to tell when the energy has shifted and when you need to clear the house again. 

Put white sage in an ashtray, bowl or shell. Light it at the front door and walk it or fan it with a feather in a clockwise direction. White sage holds a high frequency and clears and repels negativity.  I like to open closets, and smudge everything. You can then smudge all levels of the house and when you are done walk out the front door and set the intention that it has all been released from the house. I then retrace my steps with Palo Santo to bring in love and keep the frequency high. 

You can also use tuning forks and crystal bowls and essential oils If you cannot burn Sage. They also create a high frequency. 

These prayers below can also be used for clearing. Start with the Prayer of Exorcism or clearing prayer, then Robotic prayer and end with the Archon clearing.